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Sun and Wind - We have a lot of that in Sharm El Sheikh . The temperature ranges from 23�C during the winter to up to 40 �C in July and August when it is the hottest period. The water temperature is nice throughout the year with 22�C as the coldest and up to 28�C in the summer. Leave your rain clothes at home, you will have no use for them. Rain in this area is very rare and it might rain for a few minutes one or two times per year or so...

The wind in the Nabq area is a continuation of the wind that funnels down from Dahab. This wind is known as a katabatic wind which is generally caused by the air flow starting in the high elevations of the mountains.It can develop very early in the morning when a pool of cold high elevation air begins to descend from the highlands due to gravity. The mountains then channel the force of the airflow causing it to strengthen. As the wind travels down the Gulf of Aqaba it is finally forced through the land masses that are Nabq and Tiran Island causing a slight venturi effect.

Weather Station - We have just installed our Davis Vantage Pro II weather station that allows us to record weather data around the clock and post it on the web site. So far we have created 3 features; the current weather ticker (updated every 5 minutes daytime), found on the Livecam page and to the right on this page, the 24 hour graphs, updated every 2 hours and finally the weekly graphs that updates every day. Please let us know by email if you have any suggestions or comments.