Colona Watersports is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organistation) approved school and we teach all our courses according to IKO standards. Our courses are open to anyone from the age of 12 and above. (Guardians signature required for students under 18 years of age.)

IKO Kiteboarding center

All courses are conducted in our upwind training bay where the lagoon is knee to chest deep and the large area allows you long runs before getting too deep water. As you progress you can blast out to the sand bar 300 meter off shore, walk upwind if needed, and come back in again.

Kiteboarding safe and easy!
With the IKO teaching method, you learn according to your skill level, knowledge and rhythm. The courses are specially taught to give you the best results in the shortest time, ready to kiteboard. Our professional, qualified IKO Instructors conduct our courses in English, German and Swedish. Have confidence in our instructors; they know how to evaluate your potential and help you to progress at your own pace without losing any time.

You are trained according to the IKO training standards and by the end of your course you will receive your IKO Kiteboarder certification card, attesting your skill level.

All the staff at Colona Watersports is very safety conscious, we train according to strict standards, a qualified instructor will always be with you and all our kites are equipped with safety systems. As a student you will always be wearing a helmet and flotation vest for increased safety.

IKO Kiteboarder Level I - Novice 1
In this first part of full the beginner course you will be taught all about safety and how important that is to the sport. Further we will take you through equipment set up, launching and l anding, and finally piloting the kite in the air. Most of the time you will be using 2 line kites and when time allows, we will introduce 4 line kites.

This course is 6 hours and is normally done over 2 days.

IKO Kiteboarder Level II - Novice 2
The level II course completes the full beginner course. In this course you will learn kite piloting with power, one handed kite piloting, body dragging unhooked and hooked in to your harness. When you mastered the kite handling it is time for the board, now you will learn how to manage the board and the kite at the same time. Finally you will learn the waterstart and getting up on that board.

This course is 6 hours and is normally done over 2 days.

IKO Kiteboarder Level III - Independent
During this course you will learn how to manage your practical area, and will be able to choose your equipment. You ride with more powerful kites and will learn the basics of edge control and upwind riding. Receive advise and tips from your instructor to control your direction and power. According to what you want, discover how to ride Twin Tips, Wakeboards or jibing a directional or Mutant board. In this course we are also giving you the theory behind jumping so that you can try your first jumps on your own.

This course is as well 6 hours and is normally done over 2 days.

Private Lessons - Advanced Trick Studies
These lessons are 2 hour lessons and what we teach is up to you. If you want to work on a specific trick or move, your instructor will help you achieve your goal.

Supervised Kiteboarding
For the Kiteboarder that is not 100% sure of his own abilities but does not want to do a course we offer supervised kiting. This is perfect to do for one or two hours, an instructor will be with you to help you out if needed and soon you will feel confident enough to go on on your own.

Learn how to Kitesurf in just 4 days!

Kitesurfing is safe and easy to learn and after a basic course you are ready to go out on your own. This is course is all you need to become a qualified kiteboarder.

DAY 1:

Today you will learn the theory of the wind and how to set up your equipment. You will also get to fly and handle a training kite. Later on in the day you will learn self rescue techniques and how to pack down your equipment in the water.

Kite Surf Training Day1

DAY 2:

Now it is time to get familiar with the kites that you will be using on the water. You will learn all about the control bar, lines and safety system. After this you will fly the kite in the water and practise body dragging and launching and landing the kite with assistance.

Kite Surf Training Day2

DAY 3:

Today you will continue to fly the kite and improve your kite skills. When you know how to control the kite and launch it from the water you will start body dragging with power. This is when you get to feel the real power of the kite.

Kite Surf Training Day3 

DAY 4:

This is the last day of your course and it is time to get on the board. First you will practise on land to get the feel for the board start and then you move on to the water. It might take a few attempts but soon you will be up on the board riding. - You are now a qualified kiteboarder!

Kite Surf Training Day4