Sunny and Windy! That’s how easy it is to describe the weather in Hurghada. Temperatures range from 23°C during the winter to 38 degrees in July as we come into the summer months. The water temperature is nice throughout the year with 22°C in the winter and up to 28°C in the summer. Leave your rain clothes at home, you will have no use for them here! Rain in this area is very rare and it might rain for a few minutes one or two times per year

The wind in the Red Sea is powered by the differing temperatures between the land and sea. It blows all year around averaging from Force 4-7Bft. (75 % of the year). In Hurghada this is accelerated by the mountain formations along the Red Sea and boosted additionally by Giftun Island located offshore. It will generally pick up during the day often starting early and sometimes blowing all day. At Magawish the wind normally blows slightly side off shore in the morning with a change to side shore at noon.

Weather Station - We have a Davis Vantage Pro weather station that allows us to record weather data around the clock and post it on the web site. So far we have created 3 features; the current weather ticker (updated every 5 minutes daytime), found on the Livecam page and to the right on this page, the 24 hour graphs page updated every 2 hours and finally the weekly graphs page that updates every day. Please let us know by email if you have any suggestions or comments.

Weather Forecast - Wind guru is usually a reliable source but these things are never 100% accurate. Bearing in mind that wind guru is UTC and we are 2-3 hours ahead of this time. If you want to check the most reliable forecast with modification from our wind stats for the last 6 years, try doing this;

-wind guru
-spot search
-spot name - Colona Watersports - user - Bengan
-Click - search
-Click on forecast
-Then click options
-Choose Modification – Bengan

But remember this is just a forecast not an exact measurement of how strong the wind will blow. It’s not always 100% correct

Kite Sizes. During the day whilst we teach we can use 3 or 4 meter kites. The wind tends to change throughout the day sometimes starting very strong and then getting lighter towards the end of the day. Other days the wind doesn’t come until later in the morning and can be very stable throughout the day, so you will only use one size the whole day. The best advice we can offer is bring all the kites you can and if you need a bigger or smaller kite or board to you can rent it here

NOTE: Over the winter months you will need to bring a winter wet suit because of the wind chill. We also recommend bringing some good boots/shoes if your going to be kiting in the training bay or on a course use in the school bay. First thing in the morning and again in the late afternoon it can be a little cold here but in the day it is still 20-25 degrees here, out of the water and wind that is.