Hurghada is spread out over 30 Kilometers (roughly), the kite centres and best beaches are outside of the centre of town. Colona has the biggest beach for Kitesurfing in Hurghada (around 12 hundred meters). At Colona Watersports Kitesurfing Centre you will experience kiteboarding at its best, our centre is located directly on the Magawish Resort beach, with huge dedicated shallow areas for beginners and training, separate launch areas for the experts and the now famous sand bar located only 300 meters off shore.

Kite Surf Ride Area

The main launching area is right in front of the centre. Just pump up your kite with our compressor and hit the water. Ride slightly upwind to the sand bar with its flat water areas. The perfect spot for practising those new moves! If you have a problem one of our rescue boats will be there to pick you up and bring you back to the centre.

Kite Surf Training

If you need to rent equipment during your stay you’ll find the latest high quality equipment from Core Kites in our racks. Our shop is filled with new and used equipment as well as clothing and any spare part you might need.

Kite Surf Equipment

When you need a break the Magawish beach bar serves freshly grilled burgers and a good range of light snacks and drinks. At night you can store your gear in our racks and head off in to Hurghada to check out the night life. We have 24/7 wireless internet connection, free of charge for all Colona Watersports guests.

Kite Surf Spot

If you are new to kiteboarding and want to learn or just try it out, our IKO qualified instructors will take good care of you. Visit us and let us show you a new way of spending your holiday. It just takes 4 days for you to become an independent kitesurfer!

Kite Surf IKO qualified instructors

Our facilities include: Compressed air for easy pumping of kites, extensive rescue service, equipment cleaning and storage, kite and bladder repair service, Workshop with all necessary tools and spare parts. 24/7 wireless internet access. Wakeboarding Boat, Sailing Boat, Canoes and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Kite Surf IKO qualified instructors

Our Beach is split into three kitesurfing areas; the school bay, a training bay for beginner kiters (people who are getting up and riding but are not yet confident with their skills) and an intermediate/advanced area for those people who can ride up-wind confidently. In the school and training bay there is no dangerous reef or coral blocks for you to worry about. We have one of the safest centres around. We have staff in all the areas watching and waiting to rescue you by zodiac if needed. We have one of the easiest environments for learning to kitesurf, there are areas with flat water, and areas with choppy water, there are shallow areas and deeper areas in the channel so you will find something for everyone here!

Kite Surf Map Hurghada

Windsurfing - Yes, we do windsurfing as well! In cooperation with CNS, Colona Watersports Windsurfing Centre is equipped with JP Boards and Neil Pryde rigs.

Kite Surf IKO qualified instructors



Respecting a few priority rules helps prevent accidents on the beach and on the water. Make sure you and your fellow riders understand them.

The outgoing rider has right of way over the incoming rider: the wind is sometimes gusty on land. The rider who is on the beach is the one more at risk, so he has the priority.

When two riders converge: the rider going starboard (kite right-hand side) has right of way and the rider going port tack (kite left-hand side) must give right of way and pass downwind with his kite as low as possible. There is no particular reason for this rule, but it is already applied in all other sports and nautical activities.

The rider going faster than another in the same direction must give way to the slowest rider: the one going faster is the one who has a global vision of the situation since he arrives from behind.

The rider passing upwind (windward) from another kiteboarder must fly his kite overhead: the kiteboarder downwind (leeward) must pilot his kite as low as possible.

The rider surfing a wave has the right of way over the one who is jumping or going in the opposite direction: when surfing a wave, the kite is less easy to pilot so there is less room for maneuvers. Nevertheless, the rule for the outgoing rider is applicable when the waves are close to the shore (shore break). In this case, the rider who is surfing will have to give way to the rider who is going out.

Right of way must be given to other ocean users: kiteboarding is the latest nautical sport. Kiteboard downwind to them.

A rider must have a clear safety zone of 50m downwind because he moves downwind when he jumps: a rider must have a clear safety zone of 30m upwind to jump because the lines could touch the kite of the lines of another rider kiteboarding close by.

International rules apply between kiteboarders and other water users, unless defined differently by local county or government.


Check your equipment before riding!

It only takes a few minutes but it's much better than swimming back to the shore because of a broken line!

* Material and seams for any tears or weaknesses
* Bladder’s pressure
* Adjustment of the lines

4 line specific procedures:
* Connection knots are in a good condition
* No "unwanted" knots
* Should be correctly connected to the kite and bar
* Connections should be free of sand or other debris

4 line specific procedures:
* Front lines are connected to the front of the kite (leading edge)
* Front and back lines are not twisted

* The safety systems must function
* Harness line is centered
* Check for wear on the ends of the lines

4 line specific procedures:
* The power line is in a good condition
* The depower loop release is functional
* The leash is not tangled

* Look for damage such as cracks or sharp edges
* Make sure the foot straps are adjusted to your foot size



We recommend that you stay at the Magawish Resort as it is the closest hotel. However we are only 5-10 minutes from town by bus. The choice is yours, do you travel to the beach each day by bus in 30-35 degree temps or do you take an extra 20 minutes in bed before enjoying your day on the water. If you are coming for kiting then here at the Swiss Inn Magawish will be the best option for convenience.

Magawish Resort

Magawish Resort boasts 2 fresh water swimming pools (heated); 2 children's pools. The fitness area includes tennis courts, squash courts, mini golf, gym, sauna and massage. International Diving Centre, Windsurf Centre, Kite Centre and Aqua Centre , Horse riding tours & lessons for beginners. A professional animation team organizes daily program of fun-filled activities, games and sporting events. The resort offers special facilities for children so that parents can relax on the beach, while kids have fun in the Kid's Club with a professional baby sitter. Every evening live entertainment is provided.

Kite Surf IKO qualified instructors