We are CORE Distributor for Egypt. We carry an extensive range of Kites, boards and spare parts. We also stock and rent harnesses, Impact vests, Helmets and short wet suits.

In our Rental racks we have a full range of 2017 and 2018 Core XR4 and XR5, sizes range from - 6m, 7m, 9m, 11, 13.5m, 15m and 17m.

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In our board racks you will find most sizes of Nobile 555, 666, 666 EXT Series and Shinn, Shinn Wave and Skim boards.

In total have we about 60 kites and 40 boards in our racks (some of the kites and boards are Cabrinha 2018).

Kite Surf Ride Area

In order to rent equipment you will need proof of being equal to IKO level 2 or above. If you do not have a certification you must prove your competence before we will rent you equipment. This can be done by booking a 1 hour supervised session with one of our instructors. This system is employed to cover for the safety of you, hotel guests and for the satisfaction of Colona Watersports that hirers are capable of safely handling the equipment.

NOTE : Renting gear after your lessons is entirely at the discression of your instructor. If they are confident that you can use equipment in a safe and controlled manor then this is a possibility (provided you're not too tired after the course!)

NOTE : Rented equipment is the responsibility of the client, we do not offer any insurance. Damaged or Lost equipment will be charged for according to the current retail price list. You will need to leave your passport or credit card as a deposit.

Kite Surf Ride Area

Stand Up Paddle Boards

No wind day? Not to worry, why not try out one of our Naish SUPs. This new sport is becoming more and more popular the world over. Great exercise while on flat water, the specially designed, easy to use boards are a joy to ride and simple to learn. If you’re lucky enough you may find some small waves on the sand bar at certain times of the year, a great opportunity to work on your surfing skills!

Kite Surf Ride Area

Ex Demo and Rental Equipment for Sale!

We always have ex demo and rental kites for sale.


Contact us for more information.